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Monday, March 1, 2010

Requiem: II

I went to pasar for a haircut, and luckily since my shift started in the afternoon, I had plenty of time to get ready. It was a hot morning, and I wanted it to finish quickly, so I walked a fast pace to pasar. The old pakcik is still running the the barber shop. Although I'm not the regular, my brother is. And me and the pakcik had a conversation while he's working on my hair.

"Umur berapa ni?"
"Belajar lagi?"
"Eheh, kerja sudah."
"Panas ye sekarang. Kau tengok ni, suhu punya la tinggi!"
"Ahh, yeah. Tinggi, heheh. Skang memang panas kan"
"Tu lah..Eh kau dah kawin ke ni?"
"Ha? Kawin? Umm.. Belum."
" Biasalah budak-budak zaman sekarang, mana nak kawin awal-awal. Dekat 30 baru kawin. Zaman aku dulu baya-baya kau dah kawin, dah ada anak semua."

And my mind started to wander. Marriage? Marriage is a hassle. And I believe in individuality. And I have a zero tolerance. Well, almost. So don't expect for me to be in a relationship sooner. It's complicated. And I witnessed how those in relationship cheated each other yet vow how they love each other..err lovingly. Love, is a game where both players cheat. And I, I trust no one.

If you happen to read this,I would like you to know, Gan tú, aon ní. :(

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