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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Being superstitious is not cool,but being a typical Malay...well?

You got the pedal, but do you have the metal?! I wish I could own this kind of kit! 1 year ago I wrote about owning the limited edition of Eluveitie - Evocation 1 album (with drinking horn), and then voila 1 year after that I managed to get 'em. Pardon me, I'm not being superstitious, but if I wish it very hard maybe I could get my own drum kit next year eh eh? Hahah! Fuck that. Remember, 1 year from now aite.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

An Automatic Writing II

I decided to take a break from writing at Dissecting the Euphony for a while. It's been like 3 straight entries from me and none from Contramen (he should be pissed of if he's reading this hahaha bad luck bro PC lu rosak). I should really give DtE a break and promote it instead. Readership is good so far, for the first month we got 3000+++ visits, and we managed to rope in 6 followers. Feedbacks are good, and I am really happy it really worked out well. I must say I owed very much to Contramen for setting up the HTML codes and contributions from guest writers really get the things going. That's it, enough about DtE.

I just realised I am close to my seventh month in NSTP. I really missed my Schjarven buddies. I heard they are expanding the office. Good for them. Soon maybe they are going to hire more employee, and next thing you know, maybe they will be the next powerhouse of advertising in Malaysia. Well, I said maybe. Oscar must have lotsa plannings in his head. Uhh anyway back to NSTP,works in advertising department here really driving me nuts. It's not like we get tons of work, nope that would be crazy. Lately I've been spending too much online at work. Hey man, it's not that I've been idling with work, there is not so much to do. Which sometimes makes me feel guilty. But I guess maybe now we are experiencing a downtime, where everything is cooling down. I heard if I were to work in a real agency, situation will be much more extreme. Say if there is no project coming in, you will be like...idling as fuck. But don't expect the same when you are in a middle of a big project. The probability of spending time more at the office than home, is freaking higher. I don't know whether I should be glad or not. Nah I should be thankful I get to play Facebook like nobody's business hahaha. Okay sorry, but I think that is wayyyyyy better than not being at my place no? Don't answer it, it's a rhetorical question.

I got really upset, as my vertigo disease suddenly appeared. Now I'm walking like a fucking Jack Sparrow and had to limit my movement. Damn it. I don't know what went wrong. I finished all the medication as instructed, but the symptoms still persist. I really got confused. Fuck it man, how am I suppose to walk to work? I need to get my own car, soon. Oh and keep on putting weight (it's not like I was thin and slim before this,fuck no hahaha), all my shirts seem to get smaller. This cannot be happening. I must do something. I must recover form vertigo and start doing some exercise. Fuck yeah that should work. Saya sayang badan saya, I should really adopt that as my motto.

Few weeks lately, my desk got really messed up. Newspapers been piling up on one side , job details papers scattered everywhere, Girls' Generation poster I have taken down (you bet I'm SNSD fan yo!), files on my study loan payment, pay slips and special files for copywriting reference, copywriting books aghhhhhhh. So I decided to spend sometime re-arranging my stuff. Everything is set accordingly now, except the poster. I need to find a can of spraymount (and paste it on the mounting board). The one at the back room is empty fuckkkk! I should try again tomorrow and in no time I'll have the poster back in my cubicle in no time and stare Choi Sooyoung everyday day!

My Girls' Generation poster before I took them down

Hahahaha! Yea and I'm thinking of buying and placing an ant farm at my desk. You know the visible type where you can watch them dig tunnels and shits. That would be cool instead of keeping fish or spider. Totally. I heard I can get ant farm at Toys r us. Cool beans!

Gel ant farm,son!

And I should really visit car showroom starting from now on. I should start making plans of owning a car. Mother wants to spot me a few thousands ringgit, but I declined. I don't think I need to burden mother anymore, plus I got things under control. I think I managed to control my expenses and save some money for future and emergency usage. It's only matter of time to become a permanent staff at NSTP. Oh please I can't wait. And most importantly, I do it all by myself. Fuck yeah. I gotta go.

Playlist while writing:

-Bohren und der Club of Gore - Dolores
-Bohren und der Club of Gore - Black Earth
-Bohren und der Club of Gore - Geisterfaust

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I see human being as unworthy. Unworthy as fuck. I need to run away. Away from all these. Don't ask how I will do it. I see Miami. Fuck yeah. I hate human being in general.

Itu yang gua pilih, dan gua suka dengan pilihan gua.

Kadangkala gua berfikir, yang gua ni memang jenis anti sosial dan jarang keluar bersuka ria, which is sometimes true jugak. Gua kurang suka tempat ramai orang, gua suka keluar bila hari dah mula nak menjelang malam, gua jarang nak bercampur dengan orang baru. Tapi kadang-kadang gua teringin jugak nak berjalan-jalan di MidValley di waktu tengah hari di hujung minggu,menonton wayang, makan di food court...but then gua rasa semua tu unnecessary. Baik gua pegi kedai buku,usha buku takpun beli buku, pegi gig (tu pun jarang pegi!), pegi jamming dengan band gua, duduk lepak dengan kenalan borak berjam-jam, berpiknik,baca buku, pegi Campbell takpun Pertama tengok stuff best. Kalau takde semua tu, baik gua duk rumah tengok tv. On weekends. Boring eh? Entah, gua rasa okay aje. Tapi to some people, boleh jadi gua individu yang membosankan. Perempuan barangkali. Dah dah, gua dah bersihkan bilik, dah bikin laundry...Gua rasa...... nak pergi Ikea la hahaha.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ring a ding dong. I have a parcel for you,sir.

It's here finally! Setelah tunggu selama 2 minggu (or more), hooded sweat shirt gua sampai jugak! Parcel kali ni datang dari Germany, oleh itu berkahirlah penantian gua terhadap barangan dari e-bay. Oleh itu gua umumkan aktiviti pembelian merchandise melalui internet dihentikan buat sementara waktu sehingga kewangan kembali sendat! Muahahah! Tapi ari tu cam ternampak tee Wolfbrigade, pulak tu Contramen duk racun tunjuk distro-distro yang jual CD crust, kimek sungguh. Menguji betul la! Next time aaa!

Eluveitie - Slania hooded sweat shirt. Fuck yeah!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Seize it, whichever comes first!

Tadi gua balik dari Bangsar, gua jalan sambil mata melangut tengok bangunan-bangunan tinggi kat KL, sambil angin bertiup lembut. Biasa ah bila dalam mood layan perasaan sorang-sorang. Gua mula fikir progress gua dalam hidup dan apa yang gua dah capai setakat ni. Things are doing well at the moment, to be honest.Tapi barangkali secara kasar, adalah priority gua:
  • band gua, Raptor
  • karier gua selaku Copywriter
  • family gua terutamanya mak gua
  • hidup gua, di mana gua dah patut mula bina hidup sendiri ni (rumah, kenderaan,simpanan etc)
  • studies, gua macam ada contemplate akhir-akhir ni nak sambung Masters. Niatnya ke Miami Ad School, tapi bukan sekarang la
  • Collect merchandise sebanyak mungkin hahah (hoodie Eluveitie gua tak sampai lagi agh!)
Other than that, takde dan gua tak amik pusing. Fuck other commitments!

Amacam? Cun tak?Eeeeeeeeeee sukanya!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Horny and the Horn

Honestly, minggu ni gua memang rasa malas sangat. Pergi keja pun malas. Selamba aje gua masuk lambat (padahal dalam hati cuak jugak). Malas bangun tido. Malas nak menulis (di tempat kerja), pastu jadi pelupa (gua lupa nak upload kerja kat server, gua lupa nak label copy yang gua dah tulis etc), badan gua jadi sakit balik, gua jalan pun dah senget balik. What the fuck sial. Until today...

Gua sejak menang bid kat e-bay tu hari dan purchase hoodie, hampir tiap-tiap hari gua track the stuff pakai tracking number yang diberi dan tertunggu-tunggu barang tu sampai. Tang tu aje gua semangat. Menda lain, gua layu macam bawang busuk. Jadi hari ni macam hari-hari dalam minggu ni yang crappy, gua hadir ke Bangsar dengan muka toya. Fukk cepat ah kul 6 gua nak chow! Padahal baru pukul 10 am. Kahkah! And then baru gua perasan hari ni gua belum track barang gua tu. Gua masuk tracking number and then..err amenda pulak bahasa German ni cakap? Semalam rasanya ayat dia lain ni (Rugi aje gua belajar Deutsch 2 tahun masa degree dulu, skang terkial-kial hahah!). Gua tak kira. Hati gua dah rasa semacam. Gua lari ke mail room secepat mungkin. Walaupun gua menyarung boot Doc Mart, gua rasa ringan je berlari ke mail room! Sampai-sampai je mail room tu dengan peluh jantan dah mula muncul, gua ketuk dan hulur kepala masuk dan sound brader situ:

"Assalamualaikum brader, ada package untuk gua tak?"
"Apa nama ko?"
"Err nama gua A"

Brader tu check-check kotak package yang sampai. Gua punya rasa jantung dah nak terkeluar ikut tekak ni rasa nak pegi cek sendiri lak, excited punya pasal.

"Aaa ni ha ada nama ko"

Seraya menghulurkan satu package sebesar kotak kasut. Gua punya sengih masa tu dah sama lebar cam pinggang gua dah. Gua goncang-goncang kotak tu nak tau apa isi dalam sambil jalan balik studio. Eeeeeeee bestnya! Gua check la kat luar package tu. Eh, apasal alamat dari Italy ni? Ah gi mampos ah janji sampai. Gua dah tak ingat dah kerja yang gua buat tadi. Translation untuk NIE gua tolak jauh-jauh kasi meja clear sambil sengih besar-besar. Gua koyakkan package tu dengan berhati-hati, last-last tak sabar gua koyak macam singa baham kijang! Fuck yeah it's finally here! Cepat-cepat gua update status kat Facebook, dengaan tujuan nak alert si Nana (dia yang tolong gua urus bab purchasing ni) yang gua dah dapat the first package. Satu lagi tujuan tersembunyi adalah saja nak riak di alam cyber, childish betul, but what the fuck kan? Yes, drinking horn gua dah sampai! Gua unwrap semua content dan inspect satu-satu. Drinking horn tu besar siot, memang cam tanduk kerbau ah, siap ada engraved logo Eluveitie dengan logo Nuclear Blast beserta nombor siri. Gua adalah pemilik ke 234 daripada 500 horns yang diproduce di dunia ni (ni adalah second hand punya btw). Limited edition! Buntut horn tu ada chipped sket, tapi dah diberitau masa deal tu hari so takde menda ah. CD playable, siap yang ni ada bonus track punya yay! DVD pun playable. Album ni adalah dalam format digipak so dia adalah dalam bentuk double gatefold (gua rasa aa) dan masih elok lagi takde worn out pun edges dia (since digipak selalu dibuat dari kadbod). Bag kecik yang disertakan pun masih elok, logo Eluveitie pun masih cantik dan tak terhakis. Cepat-cepat gua rip lagu dari CD dan kasi dengar dan baru boleh sambung buat kerja, tapi tak sebelum gua keliling studio tayang tanduk Eluveitie yang cool gila tu! Okay jadinya gua ada ah reason nak sengih ni hari hahah.

And then around 12 camtu Contramen mesej cakap dia kat bawah sebab dia ada interview hari ni. Partner e-zine gua iaitu Dissecting the Euphony ni tengah tunggu turn dia nak masuk interview. Ah ada geng nak update cerita ni jadinya waktu lunch gua lepak dengan Men kat Mutiara Bangsar sambil berbincang untuk progress seterusnya untuk DtE sambil bercakap pasal kerja dan other stuff. Gua harap lu dapat that job ah bro. Dulu lu tolong gua masuk sini, skang harapnya giliran lu pulak. So umm ni photo-photo yang gua capture pas amik package tu tihihihi! Lepas ni hoodie pulak. Gua tracking balik, menda tu dah sampai kastam. Maknanya anytime akan sampai yay!

Tadaaa, package dah sampai! Masa ni dah nak meletup kepala dah ni tak sabar!

Unwrapping the content

Mamat Italy ni tulis Malaysia pun salah, or maybe camtu kot spelling Malaysia dalam Italian language?

Introducing, Tetuang (gua terus bagi dia nickname!) the Drinking Horn dan jugak the other content! Ahhhh excited gila babi time ni sampai gua tersqueal kejap ah hihi.

Oh by the way kawan gua MMS gambar ni masa gua tengah tulis tadi. Aghhhhh nak jugak weh!


Saturday, July 10, 2010


Jadi gua sebenarnya tengah berdebar menanti package gua sampai. Tu hari CD Qharinth (Sungau Petani Melodic Black Metal) dah sampai, tapi dalam package tu tempat yang hold CD tu ada patah sikit tapi luckily CD is playable. Yang jadi gua resah ni menanti barangan yang gua order dari e-bay. Shit man lama gila sial nak sampai. Tiap-tiap hari rasa nak terberak pulak tunggu!

Eluveitie drinking horn + Evocation 1: The Arcane Dominion + DVD live at Summerbreeze 2008


Eluveitie 'Slania' hoodie

The cost? Senang cakap bikin gua dah tercungap-cungap untuk bulan ni nak survive. Luckily sejak gua sakit tu hari gua stop beli rokok jadi banyak pulak lebihan duit gaji. Tu yang 'terbeli' tu. Alamak , harap-harap sampai la. Bikin nangis sial kalau tak sampai.

p/s: gua terbeli balik rokok masa Germany kalah dengan Spain tu hari. Cilaka!

Gua duk whining kenapa ah gaji gua ciput sangat. Seriously sikit dohh. Dengan berbekalkan kelulusan yang ada memang sikit (boleh jadi histeria kalu hari-hari duk pikir) dan tak boleh nak tampung. And then masa gua duk merayau-rayau baca blog sana sini, gua dapat tau yang sebenarnya memang cost of living kat Malaysia ni tinggi nak mampus. Even kat UK sana lagi murah (tolak perbezaan nilai mata wang,let's just assume RM 1= 1 pound, eh diorang x pakai Euro eh?). Agaknya ah. Apa gila sekali kita pegi shopping barang rumah nak cecah RM200? Haram jadah mahal nak mampus!

And then perasan tak, fast food kita ni sebenarnya gila babi costly? What the fuck sial, value meal boleh nak dekat cecah RM10! Fast food beb, semua makanan yang disediakan semua standardized (daging punya tebal sama ukuran, for instance) bukan customized, tapi harga? Mengalahkan nasi kukus ayam goreng berempah! Cis!

Ah duit duit. Mati akal nak tulis kat DtE, sedap betul merepek kat sini fuck yeah.

Not another step. Stay out.

Lu tau kenapa gua tak angkat lu punya call? It's because you don't deserve my attention. Dan the reason lepas-lepas tu gua text lu tanya 'apasal' hanyalah gua takat nak tunjuk caring, KONONNYA. The truth is, api kebencian ni tak pernah padam. Pada gua, lu hina. Sehina-hina kejadian. Dan gua tak pernah ikhlas nak mintak maaf dengan lu. Sebab apa? Sebab lu hina.
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