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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Becoming the Voice

Recently, due to some changes happening at my workplace, I am roped in to help working on female brand. Being a real masculine (sans six pack and shits) I was at first reluctant to get involved. I was like hell no, that's just ridiculous. For the last a year and a half, I've been always working on telco brand and starting this year, banking but never, cosmetics products.

My pessimist self sees this as an attempt to sabotage my career, while my optimist self assures this is just another learning opportunity. But let's be serious, that shit is hard as fuck. But that's just another story.

Few days ago, as one of the effort to familiarize myself with the brand (or as the female Suits call it, initiation ceremony), I followed my mentor for a VO recording. And then, came the revelation.

I always like to spend time talking to my mentor in person, because she's kinda reminding me of my mother (minus the loud voice and all lol), friendly and like any mother, full of knowledge. I think she already knew my hesitation to help them and so I got pep talked during the journey back to the office. The conversation went more or less like this.

'Advertising ni kita boleh anggap tempat a gathering place of failed play writers, pelakon, and all. We have the ability to produce all play, drama, stories tapi most of us tak dapat realisasikan tu sebab...kekangan kerja. Saya nak buat buku tapi sampai sekarang tertangguh. Anyway, as a writer kamu kena assume macam-macam voice dan identiti. Variasi. Berubah ikut brand yang kita kerja. Kalau banking tone dia lain, telco lain, cosmetics lain. Bila menulis, kita bukan menulis apa yang kita nak, tapi kita jadi voice of the brand.'

That hit the spot. I mean I know that for a long time but I never really experience that myself, until now. Be the voice for them, not for yourself. Kalau nak syok sendiri, buat lagi novel. Tak pun jadi pemuisi 140pp Twitter.

I don't know how long I will get involved but now I see it as a blessing in disguise. An opportunity to learn. Might be good for my repo as well.

'Saya tunggu writer sorang lagi, entah bila nak surface. Asyik berenang je' she shot me a meaningful look.

I think its time to crack out the shell and fly. No more comfort zone and shit.

About damn time.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dilema...or rather misteri.

Damn right.
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