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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blog ni memang untuk show off pasal harta dan segala.Bitch.

Rilek la derrr. Ramai je bitches buat blog diorang untuk tayang menda-menda diorang tu beli (atau kikis,samada duit family atau boyfie +____+), gua ingat gua pun nak buat ah kahkah!

Darkthrone Watch

[sebenarnya gua dah 4 tahun takde jam tangan jadi sesuai sangat la beli seutas jam tangan yang baru.]

Eluveitie Evocation 1 tee

Borknagar Universal tee

I memang kaya dan mampu, dan I pasti you pun tak mampu memilik harta meredak seumpama ini *tangan di dada, mata pandang ke atas*. Tihtihtih.

post-script: sebenarnya duk tunggu je barang-barang ni sampai,sebab semalam gua dah bayar deposit dah.Eeee syioknyewwww~ Bitch gila post menda-menda camni.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Abang A's shopping list, yes I'm a lazy fuck.

This is probably not the appropriate place to list down my shopping list but what the fuck I'm too lazy to jot them down. I really need to plan my budget since you-know-what-happened-last-2-weeks.

-I'm in a dire need to get a new computer. Netbook should be okay and within my budget (since I no longer do designing shits etc), as long I can do some writing, watching movies, surfing the net and load all the music I want, itu dah cukup. RM 1500 is the max I can spend.

-Since Fahim moved out of the apartment, I am left without washing machine. It's pretty much uncomfortable to drag my dirty laundry to momma's home every week. Long story short, a decent washing machine would solve the problem. I honestly don't know what's the standard price for a normal automatic washing machine, but then that's the purpose of doing some research (electrical appliances store visits, price comparison). RM 600 cukup ke?

- And for the same reason above, no TV as well. Heaven knows how devastated I was when I learned I cannot play my Playstation (it's mine and Fahim, but I'm paying his half soon yadayada so jadi gua punya ah). Well I'm not into those HD flat screen mothercrapping TV, a second hand CRT tube TV pun ok gak. As long I can watch TV and play games. RM 200 max.

- I'm a terrible drummmer and I'm always the liability to my band. Good thing they are kind enough to tolerate me. I've been eyeing on the practice pad for quite some time. Not that pricey, for snare pad it costs RM 50. Unless I feel like splurging on the bass drum pad as well, its gonna cost around RM 200. Naww I think I just stick to the snare pad.RM 50 max.

-A sofa! Yes, a perfect gaming experience should not be without a comfy nice sofa! Not a sofa set though, just a single sofa for myself to slouch in front of the TV.I don't know the price I'm going to check it out soon. RM 200 max kira ok ke?

- A CD rack

-New glasses/contact lens

-3 CDs 
-Some band merchandise [shirt,sweater etc]

-Ohh ohh Internet :D

I think that should be enough for now.

It's like Siti Nurhaliza on K (pun intended).

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble baru je rilis album terbaru diorang (yang dibiayai oleh fan mereka sendiri) yang bertajuk From The Stairwell. Sebenarnya gua bukan fan sangat dengan TKDE sebab gua lebih fancy dengan alter ego mereka iaitu The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation yang nyata lebih bad ass dengan sound drone dan noise. Tapi macam ada sikit tangkap pulak dengan hasil terbaru ni. Lebih dreamy, dan membuai-buai perasaaan. Petikan daripada tkde.net

"THE KILIMANJARO DARKJAZZ ENSEMBLE are a project which has always been tied to films. Films are luxurious because they dispose of all these boring, unimportant, and trivial parts of our lives. This allows them to fully control our sensations, to put us in a very specific mood. Joy and sadness are occasionally OK, endless joy or endless sadness are clinical. But there is one sensation which can be persistent and unconditionally bearable at the same time. In the absence of a better alternative, let's call it "the mood". The mood is what TKDE are aiming at. The mood.

The mood is infinite and illimitable, but not uniform and unique. On "From The Stairwell", TKDE deliver eight new incarnations of the mood. Stairwells have always been intriguing. They appear to unavoidably lead you to your destination, but they only disclose the path bit by bit. What lies far ahead of you and far beyond you is hidden in the shadows. The stairwell could just as well be infinite. You climb up this murky stairwell, passing by many doors. Every door contains a variation of the mood, a short film, a song. You open the first one, "All Is One". The evaporating mist discloses a large and empty room with a barstool in the middle. On the barstool, a chanteuse from the roaring twenties. Her voice starts to trigger vibrations of the ground, the walls start spiralling around her, but she remains untouched in the eye of the storm. Second room, "Giallo". Sly guy, telling smile, nice suit. Walking down the streets in the dusk. The ambience starts to get out of phase, the guy stumbles in horror while blending with the surrounding to a brown soup. Fourth room. "Cocaine". Naked people with pig heads crawl on the floor, on the walls, on the ceiling. They try to hopelessly suck up the white dust which covers every single piece of this room and is constantly spit out by tubes coming out of the walls. Dissonant sounds accompany the work of this desperate hive. As the people manage to counteract the tubes, fragile melodies start to overpower the dissonances. Sixth room, "Cotard Delusion". Baby morphing into a black fluid morphing into an old man which turns his eyes inwards and finds his inside to be completely empty. The journey up the stairwell, down the stairwell, continues. The pictures fill your head and make you forget where you wanted to go in the first place.

"From The Stairwell" is a surprise and a logical step at the same time. It is a surprise because the songs are far less beat-driven in comparison to TKDE's earlier works, and even contain a few hopeful tints here and there. It is a logical step because in the end each song turns to have a very diverse dramaturgic flow. This could raise the conjecture that TKDE, initially started out to make music for existing and non-existing films, wanted to incorporate the audiovisual impression completely into songs, making the films superfluous. At times, "From The Stairwell" makes you think of 60's soundtracks, but the organic feeling of those is always interwoven with mechanical elements. Altogether, every single of the numerous details present in TKDE's new songs feels to be at the right place and you can either just dive into the mood or pick one of the many aspects and enjoy it on its own - be it Gideon Kiers' beats & fx, Jason Kˆhnen's bass & piano, Hilary Jeffery's trombone, Charlotte Cegarra's voice & piano, Eelco Bosman's guitar, Nina Hitz' cello, Sarah Anderson's violin, or - appearing as guest musicians - EirÌkur ”li ”lafsson's trumpet and Coen Kaldeway's saxophone & bass clarinet."

Susah pulak gua nak nyatakan dalam bentuk ayat, yang penting album ni bertumpu kepada mood. Kadang-kadang dengar rasa macam berada dalam suasana antara sedar dan tidur, macam stoned pun ada, atau boleh kata ia very sublime.Uplifting. Whatever. Pilihan gua adalah White Eyes dan Celladoor.

Now please excuse me while I lock myself in the room. I need to do some soul searching.

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