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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Year End

All of a sudden I feel the urge to make a list for myself. Not the 2010 goals and shits (though I really hope 2010 will go smooth, smoother than any years before), I was sitting in the office today, my mind wander off aimlessly, and then suddenly I remember I want to get myself lotsa things. These could be the thing I could remember at the moment, but I will put a list on the right side of the blog (ya know, like a real list!):

- pair of new drumsticks (I uhh.. no reason but I guess a pair for emergency use will do, no?)

- drumstick bag (the one I'm using right now is kinda..not in a good condition. The zipper is damaged, tho I can easily replace it with new zipper hah.)

- band tees (the recent one I bought was As Sahar's Eastern Black Majesta, it's a nice shirt plus it's a official merch. But I'm thinking of getting Eluveitie, Swallow the Sun or any decent bands tees. Be it an official shirt or bootled, I don't really mind. My Empyrium tee is a bootleg product, like nobody in Malaysia is selling that folk band tee, woi!)

- maybe one or two jeans trousers would be nice.

- a room of my own (this one is kinda personal, I have been thinking of moving out of the house and live on my own, at my own expenses of course.)

- Eluveitie's 'Everything Remains As It Never Was' full length CD. Original copy, of course. Or maybe Slania. Or maybe Swallow the Sun's New Moon. ( Those two bands are my favorite.)

And many more, I will update more soon. Of course these require time and money, so I need to work hard,definitely!

Speaking of working, I am spending my last days in Schjarven Reklamebyra. Beginning of 2010, I will start my new job at NSTP. A bit hard to accept the fact I am leaving the people of Schjarven, as I actually grew closer to them. But I guess, we could still be friends even if I no longer working there. Hmm, I guess no more going to Cold Storage, buying cheap potato salad and eating at the parking bay (yeah I actually did that most of the time, and I proudly tell them it's a crusty thing to do), no more Black Metal shirts to work, yeah no more. After this everything will change radically. In a corporate (or semi corporate) suit. It's not a bad thing, is it? After all, people change over the time. Pity Azim he'll be alone again. I will miss Rubi's phrase "Makan semua!" (in high pitch of course and her annoying antics), I will miss Hema's kindness of teaching me how to do Lefdal layout correctly, I will miss Nissa's cool attitude (and she's a Cafe World addict now), and I will miss Oscar's strange Malay/Indonesia accent. Good people, they are. I wish them all the best and may Schjarven will prosper in years to come.

As for me, I am excited of starting my new job as a copywriter. This is my dream job, though not exactly in an advertising agency, I consider this as my head start to enter the industry. I can't imagine how life will be. But I have my destiny waiting for me, so I must step forward and grab it. Just...don't screw it, okay?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Self improvement is masturbation - Tyler Durden

Seriously, I should start writing in English.

Number One, my English is deteriorating, to an extent I myself could not even understand what the fuck I wrote.

Number Two, I am starting my copywriting career, in less than two weeks. Heck, a copywriter with bad command of language? How do you expect to convince the readers with your fucked up English, son?

"Baby, am I looks like a models?"
"I must remove from the house"

Suck that you fool!Wahkahkah!

Number Three, I am not a rempit. Okay that's just plain stupid.

I, hereby pledge to write in full English beginning from this post and if I ever break this pledge, I will voluntarily deduce RM10 from my salary.

Ok gua dah setel. Whoops. Lol. There you go! KAHKAH!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


I was/am/will/always be alone.
I was/am/will/always be under appreciated.
I was/am/will/always be forgotten.

I was/am/will/always be alone.
I was/am/will/always be under appreciated.
I was/am/will/always be forgotten.

I was/am/will/always be alone.
I was/am/will/always be under appreciated.
I was/am/will/always be forgotten.

I was/am/will/always be alone.
I was/am/will/always be under appreciated.
I was/am/will/always be forgotten.

Minta maaf. Kalau ikutkan, gua pun tak ingin wujud kat dunia ni, apa lagi dalam kitaran hidup ni. I guess, kalau gua pergi pun, entah ada tidak orang ingat nama gua. Lagi elok macam tu... and that's why I said I'm a soul worth to nobody.

Monday, December 21, 2009

A world to conquer.

Lu pernah bayangkan diri lu 5 tahun akan datang?

Gua...gua ada jugak. Ni yang gua bayangkan.

2010: Junior copywriter
2012: copy writer
2015: Senior copywriter?(+ di international adv agency semestinya!)

*Barangkali jadi macam ni 5 tahun akan datang? 10 tahun? Lol*

Agak-agak melangit sangat ke impian macam tu? Tak salah kot. Perjalanan bakal bermula. Jumpa lu orang di puncak! The game, is on.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Kita serang kampung seberang!Tawan penghulu depa, culik perempuan depa, rembat harta depa!

Thyrfing. Band Viking yang sentiasa buat gua rasa tough dan berjanggut tebal.

Wow, apa punya update la lol!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Lu restrict diri lu,ertinya lu ni loser.

Sebenarnya gua memang dah kurang rasa berkobar nak menulis. Selain dari rasa malas, gua juga rasa pengisian dalam ni kurang intelek dan tak mencerminkan latar belakang gua...eh kejap, ni blog bukan jurnal! Anyway, gua baca balik posting gua memang jelak ah. Kejap-kejap bitching pasal emosi la, lonely la, cis apa nak jadi tah. Gua rasa..uhmm kali ni gua nak letak video Nokturnal Mortum ah memandangkan gua tengah gila dengar band NSBM dari Ukraine skang. Ye, diorang NSBM, peduli apa gua. Bukan gua Yahudi pun. Oo sebab Nazi racist la ye? Gua pun pikir gak kadang-kadang, takkan takde orang yang tak bersikap racist walau sedikit. Ahah, a point to ponder eh? Okay okay baik layan Nokturnal Mortum - Tears of Paganism/ Lunar Poetry.

Pada gua, elemen simfonik dan folk yang menonjol dalam band ni ah yang buat gua tertarik. Gua bukan fan pada sound production yang lo-fi, necro dan kering, jadi gua sebenarnya agak kecewa dengan kualiti productionnya ah, tapi musicnya, superb. Yang kelemahan gua nampak adalah, vokal dia reverb banyak betol, sampai tenggelam dan susah nak faham apa dia cakap (again, disebabkan kualiti recording yang necro as fuck), guitar juga agak tenggelam tapi masih boleh dengar apa diorang main dan drum..ahhh drum ni gua suspect either pakai drum machine atau pakai digital drum. Bunyi tak organik. Lain-lain dari tu, suma memang hebat.Gua dengar intro Tears of Paganism aje pun dah meremang (takde la meremang tapi you'll get what I mean,no?). Nokturnal Mortum sekarang berada dalam heavy rotation gua dalam iTunes selain dari Delerium, Sleepthief, Disgorge, Atheist, Dargaard dan Brian Eno. Dan gua jugak bikin Tears of Paganism jadi ringtone gua. Amacam, licin tak? Heh. Lain kali gua letak Reckless Tide pulak haha.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Puisi untuk Byzantium..atau untuk diri sendiri

Gua rasa macam dah lama tak tinggalkan something kan sini. Sibuk dengan kerja, selain tu gua pun dah rasa kurang rajin nak tulis apa-apa. By the way, life's been good. Gua sebenarnya macam into kepada karya-karya Delerium dan Sleepthief lately. Dan lagu ni buat gua terkenang sesuatu lah, selain daripada vokal Joanna Stevens yang superb dan menggoncang perasaan (selain dari lagu ni, boleh jugak dengarkan suara dia dalam album Sleepthief,memang bagus!).

A Poem for Byzantine (Delerium & Joanna Stevens)

unforbidden shadows of you formed yesterday
i ran away to a room here on the bay
interrupted life again, another new beginning
where the silence echoes
you're no longer with me

here and now
i feel that i'm embracing freedom
even though i may be alone
but that's okay

through the darkness
i would walk in the streets
confessions never seemed
to provide me with a release

held me down and tried to cure me
tried to give me reason
but nothing could seperate
this burdened mind from me

here and now
i feel that i'm embracing freedom
even though i may be alone, but that's okay
looking out to a different sky will disengage me
absense is never the answer, i know
but it serves as my shade

i do not seek and not intend to find
a calmer ocean or a sun that'll never rise
my world will never change
and time will bring you to my thoughts
i'll move on and forget you all over again
moving on, i can forgive you all over again

here and now
i feel that i'm embracing freedom
even though i may be alone, but that's okay
and looking out onto a different sky
it seems so easy
absense is never the answer, i know
but it serves as my shade

Entah, barangkali lagu ni diam-diam beri semangat untuk gua jadi kuat. Untuk apa, gua pun tak pasti sangat. Hidup, semakin baik kebelakangan ni.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

STICKY: This, I Don't Lie

I head towards the light

My mind tells me not to look back
I know, this time I'll do it right
So the mistakes I've done
Soon will be forgotten

Years, or months it may take
Or forever it shall be left scarred
Until my time, comes.
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