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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Requiem IV

It was a weird dream.

We were sitting by the lake. And we were having a picnic. Just both of us. It was rather strange because nobody was in sight. And the lake, it emits strange aura. It almost like the lake is abandoned, we were the only people sitting by the lake.

Anyway, we ate, and talk. We discussed lotsa things. It felt real. Just like the old time. The time before it all went down. Before the passion turned into hatred.
It was a dream. Yet it was real. Everything went smoothly until I asked " How's you and your man?" to which she replied "We are finished. End. No more" and I opened my eyes. And why the fuck am doing here writing it down?

And yet, it kept coming back into my mind throughout the day. I can't explain.


Si Gedung Gedang said...

Gee. i nunno u can be soo jiwang. haha!

A, is for Anomaly said...

ala macam ko gak la kan haha.

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