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Friday, December 9, 2011

I, hate.

Look I'm not gonna waste my time (and probably your precious time as well) scribbling down nonsensical rants now, since I don't feel like writing to be honest. I might end up writing a sick perverted joke that nobody will ever get, or bish anything that I hate at the moment. Is there anything I don't hate? I hate pretty much everything! From rude mamak restaurant, to snobbish LRT commuters, I probably hate your mum and your car as well, for no apparent reason. You know anything else I hate? My boss. What else? Yes, I hate driving. My mouth spits faster vulgar words than the speed of the car I drive. Yes I hate people who don't reply my IM. Talk to me you stuck up people! I hate slow Internet connection, because I hate to wait webpage to load. No I'm not done. I hate the fact I always end up being used most of the time and when I retaliated with harsh reaction, I'll end up feeling guilty. I hate Malaysian street burger. They put too much mayo and sawce, later smudge my super awesome band shirt. I hate smelly people in LRT, they ruin my morning (or evening). Are you still here? I hate Imbiss Deli. Not that I hate the food, don;t get it wrong, I love the burgers and dongs! I hate the fact my hand smells sawce, condiments, meat after my meal at Imbiss because I end up putting my palms closely to my nostril and sniff em like nobody's business, sedap doh bau dia. I hate reading blogs by bishes with the likes of intanurulfateha or cikepal for instance, they are parasite to the society I wish they could simply vanish into thin air, one fine day. I hate interviewing beautiful celebrities, their untainted beauty distracts me from performing my assignment, I still love Jojo Struys btw. I hate being around beautiful and rich people, I wish to  rip their expensive clothes off from their surgically enhanced body. I hate the fact I never get to slim down. I hate I have to replace my black Converse sneakers every 8 months. I hate my compulsive online buying disorder, well not really disorder. I tend to buy and later regret but flaunt my stuff as if I have lotsa money left in the bank.Damn you Internet. I hate when I eat using my hand, I have to walk to the sink situated somewhere only God knows, only to have my hand washed!Some more I have to repeat when I finished eating! I hate waking up from sleep way too early from usual. I end up standing up at the balcony, smoking cigs while get my brain to think something, preferably related with Fight Club. I hate to walk out of the house only to turn back half way because I forgot my ID and ATM card. I hate it when people shouts and vents their anger through the phone. Either I get stutter or disconnect the call. I hate the fact I haven't living a normal 9-5 for the last 4 months. I hate the fact this year is probably the lowest oint in my life but filled with interesting experience. 

You still reading? You just wasted 8 minutes of your life reading my nonsensical rants. As for me, a splendid idea just crossed my mind while writing this, so I guess it's not a loss at all spending few minutes typing typity type craps and shits. Ta!


MelatiPutih said...

Then u must've hate me..i'm somewhere as stated in ur hate lists..hihihi

A, is for Anomaly said...

mana ada.saya sayang melatiputih!

MelatiPutih said...

This is awkwardly scarry..hahahaha..

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