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Thursday, January 19, 2012


I spent 3 days writing my new year updates. I end up deleting it. Not gonna write much as I'm so sleepy. I can say my 2012 started off pretty good, and I pray more good things to come. I finally liberated myself from Fluxed magazine (I even lodged a report against them, so you fuckers just wait) and see a new path lie down before me. Let's hope this one will lead me to a better future.

I'd like to thank these people for helping me to make my way to the industry: Gary John, Syed Ashraf, Janet Lee, Syeikh Azraai, and of course Szu Lee. And countless of people I can't remember their name at the moment.

2011 seems so far away behind. This year, it's gonna the best year ever.

I'd like to write more, but this new place has a code that does not allow me to reveal much. 


Anonymous said...

Hey nice to know there's another metalhead in advertising, or an advertiser in the metal scene (whichever way seems fit) haha! Btw how do you know Rae (Sheikh Azraai)?

Btw, hope to get in touch with ya, look me up on FB or something pathmarajant@yahoo.co.uk


A, is for Anomaly said...

Rae is my homeboy and I got to know him on the net later met him during my short stint at NagaDDB.

Will add you up, man.

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