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Monday, June 25, 2012

2012: Part II

I came in to office today with terrible stomachache. I went apeshit because I haven't key in my timesheet and the bloody reminder keep pestering me with automated email. But this, THIS made my day. I thank god and people who have been helping me to be here today. Those who helped me to progress. Those who helped me to become a better writer and thinker. This is not the end, in fact this is merely the beginning (as cheesy as it sounds). I'm ready to run with the big dogs now. I remember years before today, I was a copywriter at NSTP once. I dont think I got the respect I should get. Heck I wasn't even confirmed there and forced to left even after my probation got extended for extra 3 months. Did I harbour a grudge? Yeap. Then I worked for Fluxed magazine. 8 months of hell, and they still havent pay my last salary + claims. Marah? Yeap. Now, all these now seems to be fading away. Far far away. Now, I have a whole new chapter to write. My goal is, for now, to gather as much experience I can get and perhaps to at least submit an entry to any awards once a year. Tentulah, secara perlahan-lahan.

Terima kasih semua. Tapi ini baru bermula.

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