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Monday, September 17, 2012

What drives you?

Gua kena mengaku, kebanyakan masa gua selalu alami self doubt dan menderita low self esteem. Gua tak ramai kawan, kena pulak gua memang tak bercerita sangat (almost to not telling) kat orang lain. Jadi bila gua rasa down, gua berkurung je dalam bilik, lepas tu termenung berjam-jam. Jalan terakhir yang selalu gua ambil : lupakan dan berlakon macam takde apa-apa. Selalu end up gua jadi cold dan indifferent kat semua orang.

Tapi macam orang lain jugak, ada certain lagu yang kita boleh relate dengan diri dan situasi yang kita alami. Kalau lain orang ada lagu yang boleh uplift semangat mereka yang down, ini adalah lagu motivasi untuk gua; Weather the Storm. Always lift me up whenever I feel unworthy. Terima kasih Insomnium. Always make me feel good and never surrender. Bila gua pasang ni, yang selalu bermain dalam kepala ialah jangan mengalah. Always.

Cast down into the darkness
To stumble towards unknown
Only emptiness to hold on to
Only shadows to seek support from

So arm your heart with self-worth
Yet prepare for sorrow and pain
Don't let the fear eat you from inside
Wear your weaknesses with pride

And even if you crush my body
And drain it 'til the last drop
You can never touch my spirit
You can never touch my soul

No matter how bleak or how hopeless
No matter how hard or how far
You can never break my conation
Tear the will apart from desire

Thrown down into the flames
Enfolded by ash and ember
Quenched in scorching fire
Hardened in undying flare

Through demise and disaster
Past the flames of the end
Rise above ever stronger
Disown the past for the present

Don't be guided by fear or failure
It's now or never
Just give it all in

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