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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gua cuti,pehal lu orang kerja hahahaah!

We're almost at the end of September. How time flies fast. Beginning next week I'll be on leave as it's my turn to take a Raya break. Yea I know, lambat siyal gua nak cuti. Who cares. I did my job now it's my turn to kick back and relax. Fuck yeah, cuti at the end of the month. Sweet.

  • I'm moving out from Mom's house and moving in to an apartment somewhere in Ampang. It's about time pun, to be totally independent. I'm not getting any younger pun :p Probably will move in at the end of Sept or early October. Finally I can get my own freedom. Fuck yeah.

  • 3 months until my contract with NSTP expires. Wonder what's the future holds for me. Whatever the outcome might be, I hope 2011 will be another great year for me. Please gaji kasi naik baik punya! I think I have to hold back my plan of owning a car, because of the pindah rumah thingy. No matter, car can wait. Car is not an asset by the way. Anyhow, I'm in a process of updating my portfolio. I gather all my published works (including the recent one the raya road safety campaign). Not that much, but I value them very much as they are important for my repo and street cred <-----------ayat bajet gangstuh hahah!

  • Oscar, my Norwegian friend aka my former boss is currently on trip to his home land, Norway. So I asked him a favor to get some of Norwegian band CDs. Well he did. As what he told thru Facebook, he got me Burzum's Belus (2010) digipak and Aske (1993) EP and Borknagar's Universal (2010). Ahaha can't wait for Oscar to fly back here! But that left me with one question in my head. Have I spent too much on music? Macam..tiap-tiap bulan kot gua beli merchandise music. Tak baju, CD. This need to stop. I can't keep buying stuff every month. This is madness. It's like I myself have turned a shopaholic. Well, kinda. This could be my last puchase for the year. Well I hope so.
So uhh tomorrow is NSTP's Raya Open House. Free foooooooooooooooooooooooooooood fuck yeah!I better get some sleep.

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