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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Adult Playground

1 year ago, somewhere in the 5th floor of Petrosains...

A man in red jacket, indicating he is someone important in the small training room, with in front of him 44 ++ young men and women sitting and listening to him as he gave them a briefing. Then, he came out with a simple question, which more or less like this: "Look around this room, the interior, the surrounding..everything. Tell me the first thing to come into your mind"As he laid his eyes on the young group of men and women, expecting one or two of them to answer him.

A young woman,clad in tudung raise her hand and answer "A discovery centre?" to which the man in red jacket nod indifferently. Second later the room was filled with voices,each and everyone is trying to give their input.

A man, in dark blue jacket, bearded and with wild looks, sat at among the last rows, fixing his eyes on the crowd. He kept his thoughts running in his mind, waiting the right time to share his mind.
The bearded guy raised his hand. There was an aura that could turn everyone heads into looking at him when he raised his hand. It was an aura that suggest malignancy, rather than charisma. And he said" You wanna know what I think? I tell you what I think!" he paused for a moment, very brief but everyone felt as if the time stood still. "Well, I think..." he raised his head and gave the man in red jacket a cold, mean stare that could turned his knees to tofu, "I think of an adult playground". He gave a satisfied look when he finished his sentence, to which everybody stared him back in peculiar reaction. Some even can't helped chuckling among themselves, as quiet as possible to not offend the bearded guy.

But he did not give a heed as he was smiling to himself. He knew it was stupid, but what more important to him to turned the situation where everybody was serious to awkward.

"Adult playground? That sounds so wrong" the guy in red jacket replied, shot bearded dude with a weird expression. Heh.

That was 1 year ago. I miss my Petrosains buddies.

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