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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Looking back I realize, nothing have I done

On the contrary, no. I've done lotsa things in 2009. I guess 2009 was a good year. A year of recovery, I might say. I met interesting people. I landed jobs in several places and gained useful experience in the process.

I just feel like sharing this, because... I spent my morning flipping thru photos in my FB. To be honest, I was touched whenever I thought about 2009. Such a great year. It began badly but thanks to The Almighty, it was such a joyous and victorious end. I started 2009 with a brokenheart, yeap I did say brokenheart. Now its already 2010, how fast the time went by. I feel like crying already, lol.

I miss my Petrosains buddies , my Advertising classmates (I met some of them last week, trima kasih Ayu for the lovely BBQ!), my Schjarven friends and many more.

*Title taken from Metallica's Disposable Heroes lyrics.

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