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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another attempt to write in English/ Coulrophobia

Hello 2010. Nothing really changed I guess, our cars still need petrol to move and still unable to fly. We still wear shirts and khakis pants instead of grey metallic suit, and nasi lemak is still in its original form not tablet. Hoho. Whatever it is, happy 2010!


I found out me and most of my friends were scared of clown when we were kids. Upon investigation, most of us happened to watched a horror movie called It, at least once when we were little. Yeap, Pennywise is indeed a wicked and scary clown. I remember I was really scared I had countless of sleepless nights after that (another movie that left me the same effect was the Exorcist). Later on I discovered this phobia is called Coulrophobia. Interestingly I was never afraid of Ronald McDonald. Probably because Ronald does not kill with sharp weapons, but rather with artery clogging foods, he seems to be less harmless than Pennywise, LOL. Anyway, did you exprienced the same phobia like me during your childhood?

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