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Monday, October 17, 2011

That's why we have level 1 button

I was getting into a lift when old lady gave me a snicker when she saw me hit the level 1 button.

"Level 1? Using a lift?"
"Yea, level 1, using a lift. How obvious is that" I gave a sarcastic remark, noticing she wants to make fun of me.
"Ahhh nothing, it's just you know, level 1 and you had to wait the lift.. tsk tsk"
"You know, god created Man, and Man created lift, and we make good use of it. I'm just being grateful and make good use of whatever that is created. Plus, the lift comes with level 1 button, so I just push and wait. Simple as that. I don't think you are that dumb to understand this. If you think you are trying to make me look lazy by not using stairs, too bad because I don't give a rat ass about it. Excuse me."
I walked out of the lift, and the old hag must felt silly of attempting to troll a young, angry, emotionally unstable man.


MelatiPutih said...

My,my..u r full of anger dear friend..think happy thoughts..say like german deli??..take it easy ok..

A, is for Anomaly said...

is that an invitation?umm yes i'd love to!

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