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Sunday, December 23, 2012

December is ending fast.

Apparently there are few days left before 2012 comes to an end....and I still hesitate to do a re-cap on my 2012. I'm not in the mood of writing at the moment. Let's just re-cap what happened this week.

- December is the month I got really sick after 11 months of working non-stop (including countless of staying back in the office) and all. And then December started with a quite dramatic halt. I fell sick after 2 weeks of annual leave. And I learnt the cause is dehydration and food poisoning. I blame nobody but myself, because throughout that 2 weeks of leave I went to gym almost everyday and burned almost 900kcal per visit. Problem is, I didn't replenish the liquid I lost during workout. Fuck me. My bad. Also a week after I recovered, my body began to manifest vertigo symptoms. Shit getting hard man, I thought I'm going down with flu as well. But nope, demam main-main which actually pisses me off further. As of now, I'm still yet recovered.

- The office Secret Santa gift exchange went well, I think. I got my friend a room spray, I hope she likes it (since it's a Secret Santa, the identity is classified). As for me I got 2 pairs of socks. Looks cute. And about time to get new socks! Thank you SS, you read my mind although I actually wanted Aborted CD so bad :p

- On Thursday, the office held a Christmas party. I was kinda stoked since I was hoping there will be live band and free sodas ( I don't drink btw)..also I might get the chance to see my colleagues getting rabak and all drunken as fuck, that would be awesome (Apparently few videos surfaced on my FB the day after, ada video this guy all drunk while holding live crab and dance while flipping the poor crab, crazy ass shit). And I didn't attend the party. Instead I went somewhere else with some of my buddies, watched them getting stoned and then later grab an awesome dinner at nearby mamak...so weird.

- On Friday, while most people getting panicked about Apocalypse, I on the other hand, remembered exactly a year ago I set foot to this very place, attending interview for this job I hold now. Thank god I nailed the interview (actually I didn't expect to ace it because I gave shitty answers such as 'I want to be a shepherd after I retire from advertising' which sent the ECD laughing crazily) and here I am almost a year and still craving for more experience from this place.

- My brother got married yesterday (I'm the eldest). Good for him. I got lost yesterday since he gave me a confusing direction. Shit got so fucked up after 30 minutes of wandering aimlessly around that area, I sat at the side of the road crying, for real. My brother's big day, I'm late and probably gonna miss it. Fortunately a cab passed by and I managed to hail and made to the akad nikah. Mind you, I only had RM4 in my pocket and the fare was exactly RM4! Not sure if this is some kind of divine intervention but I'm grateful. I even made it before the akad nikah lololol! So dramatic. Later Brother told me he was so worried he bugged his best man countless time asking my whereabout. Only when he saw my hair (he told me he only saw my hair, weird shit) he felt relieved and went on the nikah, sekali lafaz. Saw mother but I didn't even want to talk to her (long story, I rather not tell), abah was there and spoke to him for few minutes. Also he loaned me RM50 so I can go home later. Ugh.

- Christmas is approaching in few days time and then new year. I made few achievements and still tons left unsolved. I'd like to say to 2013 'come at me bro'. This isn't going to be the last entry for this year, I'll try my best to write something to re-cap 2012. Hopefully.

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