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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Self improvement is masturbation - Tyler Durden

Seriously, I should start writing in English.

Number One, my English is deteriorating, to an extent I myself could not even understand what the fuck I wrote.

Number Two, I am starting my copywriting career, in less than two weeks. Heck, a copywriter with bad command of language? How do you expect to convince the readers with your fucked up English, son?

"Baby, am I looks like a models?"
"I must remove from the house"

Suck that you fool!Wahkahkah!

Number Three, I am not a rempit. Okay that's just plain stupid.

I, hereby pledge to write in full English beginning from this post and if I ever break this pledge, I will voluntarily deduce RM10 from my salary.

Ok gua dah setel. Whoops. Lol. There you go! KAHKAH!


The Rhymeweaver said...

bagi aku self-improvement ni bermula dgn wardrobe. then everything else will follow. pendapat aku laa


The A said...

wow really?go on, im listening ni.like, wardrobe aku penuh ngan baju itam!

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