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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Year End

All of a sudden I feel the urge to make a list for myself. Not the 2010 goals and shits (though I really hope 2010 will go smooth, smoother than any years before), I was sitting in the office today, my mind wander off aimlessly, and then suddenly I remember I want to get myself lotsa things. These could be the thing I could remember at the moment, but I will put a list on the right side of the blog (ya know, like a real list!):

- pair of new drumsticks (I uhh.. no reason but I guess a pair for emergency use will do, no?)

- drumstick bag (the one I'm using right now is kinda..not in a good condition. The zipper is damaged, tho I can easily replace it with new zipper hah.)

- band tees (the recent one I bought was As Sahar's Eastern Black Majesta, it's a nice shirt plus it's a official merch. But I'm thinking of getting Eluveitie, Swallow the Sun or any decent bands tees. Be it an official shirt or bootled, I don't really mind. My Empyrium tee is a bootleg product, like nobody in Malaysia is selling that folk band tee, woi!)

- maybe one or two jeans trousers would be nice.

- a room of my own (this one is kinda personal, I have been thinking of moving out of the house and live on my own, at my own expenses of course.)

- Eluveitie's 'Everything Remains As It Never Was' full length CD. Original copy, of course. Or maybe Slania. Or maybe Swallow the Sun's New Moon. ( Those two bands are my favorite.)

And many more, I will update more soon. Of course these require time and money, so I need to work hard,definitely!

Speaking of working, I am spending my last days in Schjarven Reklamebyra. Beginning of 2010, I will start my new job at NSTP. A bit hard to accept the fact I am leaving the people of Schjarven, as I actually grew closer to them. But I guess, we could still be friends even if I no longer working there. Hmm, I guess no more going to Cold Storage, buying cheap potato salad and eating at the parking bay (yeah I actually did that most of the time, and I proudly tell them it's a crusty thing to do), no more Black Metal shirts to work, yeah no more. After this everything will change radically. In a corporate (or semi corporate) suit. It's not a bad thing, is it? After all, people change over the time. Pity Azim he'll be alone again. I will miss Rubi's phrase "Makan semua!" (in high pitch of course and her annoying antics), I will miss Hema's kindness of teaching me how to do Lefdal layout correctly, I will miss Nissa's cool attitude (and she's a Cafe World addict now), and I will miss Oscar's strange Malay/Indonesia accent. Good people, they are. I wish them all the best and may Schjarven will prosper in years to come.

As for me, I am excited of starting my new job as a copywriter. This is my dream job, though not exactly in an advertising agency, I consider this as my head start to enter the industry. I can't imagine how life will be. But I have my destiny waiting for me, so I must step forward and grab it. Just...don't screw it, okay?


Anfaal Dhiyana said...

List ko ni ditujukan untuk sape?HAHAHHAHAH! :P

Dan dan nak buat list ye. :P

Weh.aku nak daging deng deng.bluberi tart kau kita exchange! :D

The A said...

Untuk aku la. But then aku perasan aku bukannya ada menda nak beli sangat haha.

nak dengdeng tu tunggu aku buat lar.pe kata kita set satu tarikh pastu kita mai jumpa exchange meh meh.

.::EvilPrince::. said...

nice one bro.. u got a number for Schjarven? looking for a job as a designer.

A, is for Anomaly said...

sure man.leave me your email address here,i mail you the contact address and stuff.

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