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Sunday, February 21, 2010

So tingly tingly my body is trembling gee gee gee gee gee. Haha~

So I went back working at Petrosains. No, NSTP did not fire me. Yes, I'm still a writer, and yes I'm a PSB volunteer again (Although I'm not sure whether I already broke the contract for working 2 places at one time, but I guess it wasn't stated in the offer letter). Things surely changed for the last four months. Most of my friends already left (landing new jobs, pursuing studies), and things were pretty awkward, but what the heck. I come, I work, and I go home. Well, not really. I come, I work, I observe people, and I go home. Fuck yeah. I told Apin to book me a slot for Saturday, and she did. I came and to be honest, I forgot almost everything they taught to me 8 months ago. If everything is fine, I will come to work on weekends, if everything is okay. I miss working at Petrosains, to be honest. Heh. Well, I guess I'm back.

Fucking hell, I lost interest to continue my post. All because of her. Ughh curse you Soo Young! But I love you hmmmfghh~ Til then.

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