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Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Deviation From The Norm

First week of October brought me good vibes.

I started my gym workout last Monday. To tell the truth, walking/running on treadmill at first felt like a fat hamster running on wheel. I even got my Vertigo attack on the first day. Shit was hard at first but I persevered. I also had this doubt whether those imaginary gym douchebags (with 21 inch biceps) gonna bully me calling me Walrus or worse Fat Blob. It didn't happen. It was just my unfounded imagination. 4 times a week and I already feel good about myself. Last Friday I asked my trainer to help me to get the reading of my weight. What a pleasant surprise. Ever since I avoided rice for the last 1 month I actually lost 3 kilo. The trainer said I have a high metabolism rate, which explains why I easily gain and lose weight. 

Despite working out every early morning and scoot to work immediately after that I didn't get tired at work, which proved I was wrong again. Instead I feel refreshed and eager to start work. Don't know whether this was caused by my motivation or else. All I know it felt awesome. Fuck, yes.

I didn't really give much thought about 'Susan Glenn'. Like I said before, probably I fell for a wrong person so there's no use of remembering here. Although I admit I did a bit of stalking work...come on, a little bit of stalking won't hurt okay. Kimak balak hang muka macam serombong kapal. Okay that went quite overboard, fuck it I don't care. 

Calm down.
I am.

Tried my hand on cooking last night. I don't know what went into me but the idea seems to be excellent. Conceived the idea while was working out at Avenue K. Went for lunch and movie after that, only after the movie I felt I should cook for dinner. So I went to MaxValu (after googling the recipes and  barraged my friends with SMSes asking for advice), few hours later tadaa!

Boiled vegs + black pepper gravy, Black Pepper chikin stir fry, Garlic Parsley Potato.

Not to brag, but I think I did it rather good, especially the black pepper chikin. So probably I'm gonna do it again next weekend. At least I know what I'm capable of. I was actually expecting a total kitchen disaster or... some terrible bowel injury haha.

So yeah. Again, I am content.

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