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I quit smoking and proud of it

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jiwa kacau sampai lupa letak title,aha.

Been smoking too much lately. If I keep living like this, I'm gonna die sooner than I expected. Oh what the heck, we all gonna die soon anyway.

Life have returned to normal. But hey, I like it. No more depressing thoughts. Nothing to be worried. And most importantly, I do what I want. Although sometimes in the middle of night, I get emo and all those memories come back into mind. Oh well.

I wrote these lines while listening to lectures:

I live among deceptions and I eat them for breakfast

Beneath the beautiful mask of innocence, lies a hideous intention

I used to think you are the one, but not anymore

Lying is fun, especially when you are crying along with it

So how does it taste? Yes, your own spit. How does it taste?

Hatred is what keeping me alive, but for how long?

I take all the blame, including yours.

Don't ever turn back and say it was a mistake and you regret it. It was meant to be.

Fool. I am a fool and I accept that.

See, I'm so emo!

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