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Monday, April 20, 2009

Am sleepy at the moment. Exam in the morning really made me exhausted. And the exam hall was fucking cold. Imagine you are in a meat storage. Yeah. Cam tu lar. I dunno what to write, but I think I wanna emulate Dee's style of blogging; that is...post lirik lagu ngahahaha!

Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade) - Moonspell

She brought the Night hidden in her sad Wolf eyes

The perfume of a twilight, her strongest scent

Half Wolf, Half female - what a strange wedding

Mother Nature that offered us to see...

Her mask lays lost in a fatal dawn

Closed were the eyes of the Sun. He sleeps.

And in the name of Her Father.

She will kill. My child kills.

Your nightly birth. A requiem God can't forget.

For your life is but a celebration of his death.

Without his thorns in her heart. She wears a shadow as face.

A werewolf masquerade. In her eyes the wolfshade.

She brought the Night and by the night was brought

We are but children of the powers she had set free

Strange are the ways of the wolfhearted...

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