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I quit smoking and proud of it

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Instead of becoming sXe like your brother did, I become a vegan.So fuck yuhhhhh!

I'm so fucking broke. I literally have RM30 in my pocket to last until middle of May. How the fuck am I suppose to survive until that?

Maybe I should become a vegan. Been thinking of becoming one since middle of last year. Should I?

Lagi-lagi sejak dengar Cattle Decapitation, terasa makin nak jadi pulak vegan haha.

Speaking of Cattle Decapitation, look what I've found from their official site:

*Cattle Decapitation BURGERS!

You heard that right! Tucked away in San Diego’s South Park community is Hamilton’s Pub and CafĂ© whom now boast a delicious veggie burger called the “Cattle Decapitation”! Inspired by the local veggie gore band of the same name, the burger’s homemade all-vegan patty is a scrumptious mix of black beans, garlic, corn, potatoes and Hamilton’s secret mix of spices! Add some lettuce, tomatoes, onions and vegan PCS sauce (stands for Phil Collins sucks!), this burger is simply the best damn veggie burger in town and is rapidly becoming their best seller! Comes with excellent homemade pub chips and a bonus side of vegan sweet coconut curry sauce!

Haha. How awesome is that eh?

Okay okay, I need to get out from here. It is too depressing.Screw you.

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