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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I feel old

I woke up this morning, sweating. The weather haven't improved for the last 1 week. Scorching hot all day. Even tap water felt warm. Geez. Anyway Mom sent me a text message.Says:

"17th May, ada talk pasal kepentingan solat. Mak dah bayar,kita pergi"

Being half-awake, I deleted the text only to realised about it this evening. Mom called and I groaned:

"Apa ni birthday orang bawak pergi dengar ceramah!"

And then mom explained la how the importance blablabla. Okay mom, I'm in. Besides, she needs a company. Who else la nak kena teman, gua jugak!

3 weeks to go and I'm counting. Dah tua siak. Tak perasan pun aku. Rasa macam budak-budak lagi ada ah. I refuse to grow up!

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