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Monday, August 2, 2010

Vestibular Neuronitis

Shitfire, 4 months until confirmation. By hook or by crook, I must get the permanent post. I must. Or else, I have to put aside my dream of owning a car. A new staff just came in and reported for duty today. Well well hello :p

I went to Vokill Fest last Sunday. I bought the pre-sale ticket, it's way cheaper than at the door sale. I don't really wanted to go since my health is not in a very good condition lately, but I uhh forced myself. Anas came and picked me up at home since I know the direction to One Cafe (kinda strange because we had our first show at the same venue on June, how could he forgot the route?). Anyway Contramen came to Vokill Fest I joined him and when I got in Vetis just about to start their set. Jeremy is absent therefore Udin is playing guitar and sing at the same time.Vetis thrashed their set with their death/thrash songs. I can't really stand for a long time and had to find a seat. It's so upsetting. I did not stay long as I left after Black Fire finished their set. But mannn Profane Creation really bring the house down son! Especially when they opened their set with Carcass cover, Corporal Jigsore Quandary. Babi sial drummer dia main power ahh. And Anas commented "depa banyak sial main tremolo. Pemurah sungguh dengan skill tremolo!" I met Qharinth drummer, EJ Hadeas and sat with Mad Stygian and had a round of drink. I also met Syargoth and jokingly said I want to punch him until he bleeds hahah. Anyway, cut the crap. Vokill Fest was okay, I was just upset I was unable to catch Hayagriva as Anas need to go home. Aghh! A review on Vokill Fest will follow soon. Be sure to catch it in Dissecting the Euphony! Hahah. 

I lost interest of writing all of sudden. I experienced a throbbing headache when I was on my home tadi. Fuck it man, it was fucking awful.And vestibular disease is driving me insane again. +_______+ Okay that's it. The blog is turning cheesy and emo.

Here, take a look.

I heart Eluveitie!

I am officially an Eluveitie-phile!

Crappy entry, I know.

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