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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Reminiscence of the Tragedy

Ever After

Have thou dare not to dream?
In my silence epitaph I redeem;
Hence, this rhapsody entwined
In a deeper meaning of haste!

Be my enchanted tragedy
Lost in my reverie, swore to thee;
Could thou not see?
My life sore with agony
Hear me; don't walk away till you see!

Embrace my silence
A tall tale of rue;
Thy veil of dreams
Have not been undo;
Pray tell; thou sorrow
Thou let'st me be parched;
Thou left this velvet drape
Be hung'd upon me...

Liar! Now go to thy tryst
Prove to me, for thy eyes to see
Worthy art thou? To stand by thy side
Doth thou not harkens to me?

Far away; in the meadows of gold
Brightest art, thou yearn for me
I hath been the flower in the winter
Still I yearn, thou shimmering light

Come forth to me!
I had witness, as clear open sea
Pure art thou heart, shall not be apart;
Hath been blinded, deceived by thy sight;
Grant me!
Open thou heart
I shall cure this poison inside
Wipe out thou tears; Grief thee shall not!
As we wanders the pale midnight sky

Ever After by Silence Enshroud (http://www.myspace.com/silenceenshroud)

Personally, I think this a very nice lyrics, reminding me of old Theatre of Tragedy.

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