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Friday, September 4, 2009


I met Azim at KLCC mosque during the Friday prayer. We didn't talk much except on teasing how cool he looks now, working in a Norwegian company (ala demmit, ari tu gua keja kat company Australia tau,eleh tanak kalah lol), he asked how Dee is doing (which I replied ya dia ok) and we planned to meet next week to have a buka puasa together. Maybe we should gather all the BackLine Boys eh eh?

The mosque at the DFP were quite packed as usual so we had to sit outside. And then came out a question from Azim:

"Dah baik-baik dengan bekas kekasih hati?"

I was like "Pehal dengan dia? Tanak aku".

Rightt so Azim provoked further with " Pergilah rujuk balik kat dia" shits and stuff.

Which I lazily replied "Gi mati lah. Dah dah."

Pergi berbaik. Hmff. I remembered I spoke to one of my friend how I changed after I broke up with her almost a year ago. But despite how I hate her so much, I never forget to pray for her,well, for her happiness and in whatever she's doing. I know, yes I fucking know how fucking ironic it is.

I remembered one of my Petrosains friend resembles her very much (well,almost). And how I went to this Petrosains friend and told her about the fact. So I called this friend Ah Lian, for she is half Chinese. Yeah I know Ah Lian means Bimbo in Chinese, but it's just a joke for she sometimes like a..yea you know the Plastic Girl type. But with brains la of course. Yeah anyway, eventhough she resembles my ex, I didn't come and say to her 'wei lu macam ex gua siakkk, jom couple'. Knowing the limitations plus, as a colleague, we just remained friends and gua pun bukannya nak ada apa-apa. Oh well, I wonder how my ex is doing. Hope she is doing fine. Worry not, I'm doing good here, better than ever.

Oh, I am getting myself a twin pedal yihihi. Well hopefully. Duit dah ada boleh ahh beli.


Anfaal Dhiyana said...

ya.aku memang ok. :) yang tak ok jiwa aku.haha.

Anonymous said...

duit tu buat belanja aku la! damnn u.. hishhh..

Anonymous said...

btw, miss kak N so much la weyh.. maybe we shud organize a day with kak N.. cool kan? haha.. duduk blakang main wifi.. (u know what i mean~).. ye la amin~ kau kerja kat company aussie.. that is so damn cool! wow!~ btw, go and marry her. period. go go go!

The A said...

pastu bole bodek kak N,kan Azim?mana tau dia nak offer kita berlakon ke,instant stars la nanti hihi!

jap jap,ko nak aku kawin ngan sapa?wahaha!

ok anonymous 3.38 am ni sapa lak?cam tak kenal lol.

eh nape ni dee?dah dah toksah nak jiwa kacau.

Anfaal Dhiyana said...

jiwa kacau weh.kucing mati.argh.tiada pengganti. :S

weh.ada lagu baru tak?aaaaaa~

The A said...

alohhh pasal kucing.semalam aku ngan mak aku duk cakap pasal kucing kami yang hilang tu.sedih siut.

alamak ko nak lagu menda?aku duk dengar album burzum je skang wahohoho.pi la donload leaves eyes,depa baru release album baru ni.

Anonymous said...

dua2 anonymous tu aku la nok..

The A said...

budus,next time letak nama.nasib baik aku leh kenal gaya bahasa ko dang it.

Anonymous said...

gaya bahasa aku ada mcm a.samad said tak? hahaha! - samad

The A said...

ni samad mana lak niiiiiiii!ni buat aku nak block anonymous comments ni!

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