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Monday, November 3, 2008

After the Storm: The Beginning of Something New

Greetings everybody (I doubt nobody is reading, I just started the blog like, 5 minutes ago,haha).This is my first entry on blogspot. Previously I share my thoughts on my own Myspace profile. But I guess, Myspace is no longer cool, that is why I opted to change to blogspot,lol.Nah, kidding. Well I need to get away from that profile, which bring me a lot of memories. You know, to move on with your life, you gotta leave something behind. So this is what I do. Leave all the memories behind and let it buried by time and dust. And start a new one. Well people, there's much to learn in this life, so why not experience and learn everything while you still can?

Well, I don't think I am ready to tell the real reason why I left my Myspace blog. Maybe later.Haha.Or maybe not.

Anyway, today is my first day on Skim Khidmat Pelajar UiTM. I am assigned to the printing department of FSSR (Fakulti Seni Lukis dan Seni Reka) to assist on the printing process for the incoming UiTM convocation booklet.

I was shocked to learn that I am assigned to handle machines. Like, I don't like machine and moving parts, especially car (which explained the reason why I am still unable to drive car until today,ha!). And to my horror, my task is to load papers into the paper cutting machine (known as Wolhenberg,I think)! When I first saw the sharp and shiny blade of the cutter, gruesome thoughts began to appear on my mind. What if the blade chop my hands off when I'm loading the papers? What if suddenly someone accidently knock me off and my head got stuck into the machine and subsequently chop my head off?What if what if what if?Haha, crazy. But it went well and the workers there are friendly. As usual all I did was smile and grin. I don't talk much you know.

Starting tomorrow, I'll be on evening shift, which means I gotta stay from 2 pm until 10 pm. Hoho, speaking about being bored handling the machines, I am thinking of bringing my mp3 player and novel tomorrow. Probably I should load grindcore songs..nah, I think I should load industrial metal songs. Fits the mood being around the machines. You know, machines = industrial.haha.

Well, it is almost time for Maghrib prayer.Later.

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