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Monday, June 15, 2009

Don't push it.

So I went online after I returned from Seremban. Usual day, usual routine. Logged in my YM, and read some shits on the net. And all of sudden someone buzzed me. Someone who's not in my list. Er, to be precise someone I deleted. I could go and insult this person as I please, since I have issues with her, but I am trying to be reasonable. Heck, everytime we talk online, its the same lame crappy questions. I began to feel silly for entertaining her. I know she is trying to be friendly, but being skeptical as ever, I refuse to share anything about myself.

Back in the days of being ultra anguish (apa tu ah?super pemarah?), I could just spit offensive words, non stop. Nasty. But she just refused to surrender. When I asked why didn't she simply walked off from my life, she said she can't. I was puzzled but why should I care? After all, she dragged me into the mess she created maaaaaaaan. I was in a deep shit, seriously. The only way to end this is to walk away, terminate all means of communication. It worked, for 3 or 4 years I think. And then she came back.What the hell, she went all the way to get my number back ke? By that time, I grew tired of insulting her. What I did was, I play the game according her way. Yeah, she loves to annoy me, so that's what I did..ehh do. By being annoying. Ask me questions and then repeatedly ask me 'Are you sure?' or 'Eh I thought you said you are...' type of questions which driving me mad. Even driving me insane whe she said something I did not said and pretended as if I'm lying or hiding a fact. Crap. So what I did was when she asked me a question, I intentionally acted nonsensical. Pretending as if I did not get her point. Heck, it was fun (and mean) seeing her trying to repeat again and again. You got served. But hey, at least I am not insulting her. Yea man, I laughed and laughed in front of the computer. Oh well, I told her so. What? I am an asshole? Maybe. Or maybe not. I just don't want anything to do with this woman. She's just plain annoying. Oh please, do not bombard my phone with sms-es and phone calls. Do not step in to my life again. Yeah, I know. I am the type of holding grudge to those who treated me bad. I tried to distance myself so I can forget what happened (therefore the grudge will disappear), so this should work lah. Unless she does not see the way I did, she will keep pestering me.

Oh well. Ah, will be meeting Cik Na tomorrow, ah can't wait mannnnnnn. I want my pie hihi!


Anfaal Dhiyana said...

Pie hang on da way!

The A said...

dah siap sila mms.ewah dah pandai mms skanggggggggggggg~

Anfaal Dhiyana said...

eceh.mms tak surprise aaaa.chissss~~

The Rhymeweaver said...

grudges like Ju On mayneeee

The A said...

eleh ye ahhh surprise laa ye laaa.

che'gu azam, whats up mannnn?

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